Track Clearance Standard

Train Dimensions

Our club standard is to build 6 studs wide. Up to one stud on either side may also be used by decorative elements such as ladders, handles, etc.

Vertical and Side Clearance

Tunnels, bridges, etc. must have 15 bricks’ height above the rails.

Vertical walls and other trackside structures should be at least 2 studs from edge of tracks. For example, tunnels should be at least 12 studs wide (8 studs for the track + 2 on each side).

Track Layout Parameters

Leave 4 studs clear between the edge of the tracks and the edge of the table, especially if there are sneeze guards in use for crowd control.

Parallel tracks should have 8 studs clear between them and straight track segments should be aligned, so that when a bend is reached the track spacing will be preserved.

Tracks should not be anchored to the baseplates, but should float loosely on top of their studs. In places where they must be anchored down (e.g. level crossings) there should be one plate between the track and the baseplate.

Obstructions Near Tracks

Curved tracks should not be placed immediately before tunnels. There should be at least one straight track before entrance of tunnels.

Before the beginning or end of a curve, there should be a clear area outside of curve for 4 stud radius within 8 studs of beginning and end of curve.

The space between tracks should be clear of any obstruction within 8 studs of beginning and end of curves.

For a curve on a single track, there should be an 8-stud radius clear within 8 studs of beginning and end of curve.