What is LEGO®?

LEGO is a building toy system based on interlocking plastic bricks patented by the LEGO Company in 1958 in Billund, Denmark.

Who plays with LEGO?

Traditionally, LEGO has been a children’s toy, focused on ages 5-14. However, there are many adult users as well around the world.

Plural of LEGO

LEGO is a contraction of “leg godt” which means “play well” in Danish. It is also the name of the LEGO Group of Companies, and their brand. Please always refer to LEGO as: LEGO Bricks, LEGO Toys, or LEGO elements, etc. and not as “LEGOS”. This is to help preserve the legal protections of the trademark.

Where can I buy new LEGO sets?

Almost any toy store, online at LEGO.com, or from LEGO Shop at Home at 1-800-835-4386.

Where can I buy used/previously played with LEGO sets and/or parts?

At most BayLUG meetings, local yard sales, on bricklink.com, eBay, and many other Web sites.

How can I clean LEGO?

LEGO can be washed by hand, using warm and mild soap. Sometimes a gentle toothbrushing can help. But do not get electric parts wet! You can also put LEGO in a mesh lingerie-type bag and wash it in the dishwasher or clothes washer, if:

  1. The parts won’t fall out through the holes in the mesh bag
  2. You have low/cold temperature water
  3. You dry them with no heat

It is best to wash clear pieces or minifigs by hand to avoid scratches and worn faces.

See also the Washing LEGO post on Bill Ward’s blog.

BayLUG-Related Questions

What is BayLUG / BayLTC?

Founded in 1998, BayLUG, the Bay Area LEGO Users Group, is a registered non-profit California Unincorporated Association. BayLUG is a self-organized club of LEGO enthusiasts that holds public meetings, and exhibits at local events. BayLTC, the Bay Area L-Gauge Train Club, is a special interest group within BayLUG that focuses on enjoying LEGO Trains, and related creations. All BayLTC participants are BayLUG members.

Who can join?

BayLUG membership is open to anyone. Only imagination is required. The club has ~200 members, ages 4 years old and up. Families as well as individual adults and children can join. There are three types of members: single adults, single minors (with parental permission), and families.

How do I join?

Apply online at BayLUG.org. See our Join page for details.

How much does it cost to join/continue as a BayLUG member?

Apply online at BayLUG.org. See our Join page for details.

What happens at a BayLUG meeting?

Typical regular meetings are on a Saturday or Sunday, 10 or 11am to 4pm. Meetings can have 2 parts, a members’ only part and a public part. The members’ only part (e.g., business meeting) is usually short, and held first, if held at all. At a typical meeting you will see:

  • Members talking about, and displaying their (newest) LEGO creations.
  • Members selling and/or trading sets, minifigs and parts, to other members or the public. These are typically available either in bulk by the pound, self-service from a heap on the floor that you pick thru, or in ziplock bags that are typically $1-2 each.
  • Themed building contest held usually at 1pm. Members typically build models according to a theme that is announced in advance of the meeting, and bring them to the meeting for the contest. Prizes are given for the best entry in each age category, based on votes of the members present. The contest particulars vary, and are on the applicable meeting’s Events page.
  • In addition there may also be a Kids Activity, like building and racing a LEGO car down a ramp. If there is a Kids Activity it will be announced in advance.
  • Other occasional events may include a presentation or other special programming.

Members can reserve a spot to show creations and/or sell/trade stuff by signing up on the meeting’s wiki page, and claim a table location. Note that for some spots you may need to bring your own table.

LEGO building assistance, parts purchases, tutorials, etc.

Can BayLUG/LTC provide LEGO building tutors/training/advice?

Generally no. The club is not organized as a professional service or training business, and does not offer LEGO building tutorials, etc. to the public. Sometimes, though, they will be on the agenda for regular club meetings. However, individual club members may, at their discretion, offer training or assistance to groups. Come to a meeting to meet them and assess their skills, suitability, and availability for your particular purpose.

Can BayLUG/LTC help me/my school/group/company etc. do (some LEGO-related activity/project)?

Generally no. Again, the club is not a service or training business. Again, however, individual members may, at their discretion, offer training or assistance to groups.

Can BayLUG/LTC recommend any resources for LEGO themed birthday parties?

Bricks & Minifigs San Ramon
LEGOLAND Discovery Center Bay Area
Activities page on LEGO’s website

I really need a particular part for a project I’m working on. How can BayLUG help?

If there’s a meeting or show coming up, post a “Parts Begging” note (clearly describing the part, color, and quantity) to the Chat mailing list so members can see if they have what you want, and bring it to the meeting. It’s a good idea to link to a site like peeron.com or other online inventory of LEGO parts to help be more clear which part you are talking about. Also indicate if there are any parts you offer to trade, or if you are willing to offer a certain amount of cash, include that in the note. (THIS ADVICE IS FOR MEMBERS ONLY)

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