BayLUG Membership Information

You can request to become a member by filling out our Membership Request Form. You can activate your membership by attending any of our meetings. All prices are in US Dollars. Note: Memberships and donations to BayLUG are not tax deductible.

Membership Benefits:

  • Subscription to the baylug-members mailing list (and any other lists, if requested).
  • Access to BayLUG Wiki and Forum for planning and socializing with other members.
  • Special interest groups for trains, club collaborative displays, and volunteering/philanthropy events
  • Laminated name badge
  • The opportunity to show your models at our club meetings and shows, and to sell at our swap meets

Name Badges

All members will receive a laminated name badge. You can pick it up at your first BayLUG gathering. We will not make your name badge until we receive your membership payment and an email letting us know you are planning to attend our next club meeting. The cost of the badge is included in the membership, but if you want us to mail it to you, there is an additional $4.00 fee for the costs of postage and the packaging materials.

Membership Types

  • Individual Adult: for Adult fans of LEGO
  • Individual Minor (under 18): with parent/guardian consent, children may join the club
  • Family Membership: Up to six (6) family members, each reciving full benefits of membership. Designate one adult as “head of household.”

Fees and Dues

New Members

Pay a flat New Member Fee, pro-rated for your first year. Fees depend on the month that you join:

  • Jan – June: $20 individual / $40 family
  • Jul – Dec: $10 individual / $20 family


  • After your first year, pay regular annual dues each January ($20 for Individual; $40 for Family).
  • If your membership is past due by more than a year, you can be reinstated by paying the maximum dues ($20 for Individual or $40 for Family) which will cover the previous year and the current year.

Additional Fees

  • Mailed badge: Include an extra $4.00 if you wish your badge(s) to be mailed. Otherwise, pick it up at the next meeting.
  • Lost badge: There will be a 50¢ charge for the replacement of a lost name badge (plus $4.00 if you want it mailed to you).

Payment Methods

    • Cash or check in person at any BayLUG meeting or show
    • Zelle: send to
    • Mail a check payable to BayLUG (not any individual’s name) to:

      Russell Clark
      PO Box 5543
      San Jose, CA 95150-5543

What The Dues Pay For:

  • Prizes for our contests at club meetings
  • Web/email hosting (domain names, etc.)
  • Badge making costs
  • Duplication/flyer/handout costs
  • Miscellaneous club expenses

If you have any questions or comments please contact us at