Here are some of our favorite LEGO-related web sites and blogs:

  • LEGO® IDEAS:  MOC Creations
  • The Brothers Brick: Premier news source for LEGO®.
  • Eurobricks: News and community about our favorite European bricks.
  • Flickr: Not LEGO®-specific, but a very popular place to post photos of your LEGO® creations.
  • Instagram: Non-LEGO®-specific, but agreat place to post photos of your LEGO® creations.
  • MOCPages: Hosting site for people to create pages for their MOCs (My Own Creations) description and photos.
  • LUGNET (LEGO Users’ Group Network): Formerly the primary online community resource for LEGO fans worldwide, it remains a good source of information about LEGO®.
  • Brickshelf: Free image hosting for your LEGO models, plus scans of old LEGO® instructions and catalogs.
  • Peeron Set Inventories: Detailed set inventories for most LEGO® sets.
  • CAD software for designing LEGO® models on your computer
  • AFOL Meetup: Schedule a meeting of LEGO® fans in your area.
    Be sure to post about it to the baylug-chat mailing list if you try it.
  • Bill Ward’s Brickpile: Blog by Bill Ward, Webmaster of BayLUG
  • Rebrickable: LEGO® Build, MOC’s, Discussions
  • The Brick Fan:  LEGO® News, LEGO® Reviews, and Discussions
  • LightMyBricks: Bring your LEGO® creations to life with lights
  • FourBricksTall: LEGO® Photo & Imagination

Buy, Sell, & Trade LEGO® Online New and used LEGO® sets and parts:

New and used LEGO® sets and parts:

  • LEGO Shop-At-Home: LEGO’s online shopping store, where you can get the entire product line, including sets and parts packs not available in stores. Or call 1-800-835-4386.
  • BrickLink: Buy and sell individual LEGO parts, sets, instructions, etc. (Formerly BrickBay)
  • Ebay: There are always plenty of LEGO parts and sets for sale on Ebay.
  • Toys N Bricks: Information about LEGO sales

Fan-run companies selling Custom kits & accessories:

LEGO®-compatible accessories made by fan-run companies:

  • BrickArms – minifig-compatible custom molded weapons and other accessories, and minifigs
  • BrickForge – minifig-compatible custom molded accessories
  • Big Ben Bricks – custom molded LEGO-compatible train wheels for steam engines
  • ME Models – metal rails for LEGO train tracks
  • Citizen Brick – custom minifig parts and accessories

LEGO® Train Information:

LEGO® Fan Conventions

  • Bricks by the Bay – our own Bay Area convention
  • Bricks Cascade – Portland, Oregon (first one: June 1-3, 2012)
  • BrickCon – Seattle, Washington (First weekend in October)
  • BrickWorld – Chicago, Illinois (Mid-June)
  • BrickFiesta – Austin, Texas (July)
  • BrickMagic – Raleigh, North Carolina (May – Mothers’ Day Weekend)
  • BrickFair – Dulles, Virginia (August) & Birmingham, Alabama (January)
  • Brickf te – Toronto, Ontario Canada (July)
  • Brickvention – Melbourne, Australia (January)

West Coast LEGO® User Groups (LUGs) and LEGO® Train Clubs (LTCs):

  • PCHLUG – The Pacific Coast Highway LEGO Users Group
  • SacBB – Sacramento Area Brick Builders (on Facebook)
  • LUGoLA – LEGO Users Group of Los Angeles
  • SCLTC – Southern California LEGO Train Club
  • SanDLUG – San Diego LEGO Users Group
  • PortLUG – Portland LEGO Users Group
  • SeaLUG – Seattle LEGO Users Group
  • GPLR – Greater Portland LEGO Railroaders
  • PSLTC – Puget Sound (Seattle) LEGO Train Club

Other U.S. LEGO® User Groups (LUGs) and LEGO® Train Clubs (LTCs):

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